Apr. 1st, 2011

Let's talk a little bit about the "trans women aren't women because they've had male privilege" bullshit. Consider two queer women, Anja and Surma (why characters from Gunnerkrigg? why not!!). Surma came out when she was 11, and has never had a relationship with a man. Anja had a number of relationships with men through her 20s and 30s, but eventually came out and is now exclusively dating women.

Now, would you consider that Anja is less legitimately queer than Surma because she came out later in life, thus experiencing straight privilege for years? Of course not! Surely they're subject to the same kind of discrimination now. In addition, the entire phenomenon of being in the closet is a function of the systemic bigotry not some scheme to benefit from it for as long as possible.

So clearly you wouldn't judge queer people by when they chose to come out, and yet that's exactly what (un)radfems do to trans women when they claim that we're not real women* because many of us were extended male privilege before we came out. Whether or not they consciously intend to, by demanding that some people have to earn their identity and respect, they are merely recreating kyriarchy in their own image.

*As a side note, one would expect these people to accept that trans men are not women because they currently experience male privilege; oddly, this is not the case and trans men are usually still considered members of Club Woman!
Got a response from the head abbot of the monastery. Surprisingly, she disagrees with her senior student in almost every way...but she seems to not realize that she disagrees with the priest who spoke to me. I wrote an e-mail attempting to explain this fact and I hope I can get her to guarantee that things will be done her way, not the way of this one transphobic priest.


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