Mar. 5th, 2011

So, Internets, I thought I'd share the fact that I'm essentially not welcome at the monastery anymore.

Oh...well I could attend as long as I'm willing to be segregated off separate from the other women. As long as I be a good little tranny and accept that I am, in fact, less than cis women then I am certainly welcome to stay there again. Of course, I have to give them enough warning in advance so that they can make sure they have a separate room that they can prepare for me. It wouldn't be fair to them, otherwise.

"Wait?!" I hear someone in the aether say, "Why can't you stay in the women's dorm?" Well, dear rational reader, I'm not allowed to stay in the women's dorm because it might bother someone.

You see, if I ask to be treated as an equal to any cis woman, I'm asking for special treatment - which is frowned upon - and being insensitive to the needs of poor little transmisogynist cis women.

After all, there are many points of view on this issue! It's closed minded to force upon people the idea that I am, indeed, a woman. Why should they be made to accept my point of view?

No, it's better that I accept that I am otherlessthaninferior so that a cis person isn't accidentally forced to think about gender, sex, and their own identity. Dear reader, are you aware of how incredibly rude it is to force someone to think about the world them? To be mindful of other's experience while staying in a Buddhist monastery? Perish the thought!

After all, transphobia and transmisogyny are "the soup we live in". It's a long-standing aspect of Zen to never ask someone to rise above the pettiness, hate, and lack of empathy in the world around them! To never ask for a moral standard to be held, especially not one that requires deep compassion and understanding for all beings.

Clearly, the Zen priesthood cannot take a moral stance that is somehow above what is typical for the ambient culture. They cannot set a good example.

Zen is about making people comfortable, about being easy and unchallenging, about seeing the world as shallow and disconnected from yourself.



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